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The software development ecosystem has exploded with loads of tools, frameworks, techniques, and methodologies to meet the increasing demand of challenging and fast-moving customers and their businesses. To maintain and support the solution, several open sources and commercial software are available to deal with various specific needs during the software development life cycle and the product life span in production. CNCF aims to empower organizations to make cloud-native computing ubiquitous. With several sandboxes, incubating and graduating projects under its umbrella to create a comprehensive cloud-native technologies landscape covering every aspect of Cloud-native, serverless, and open-source software in building a sustainable ecosystem. Several considerations require more collaboration among several stakeholders than having ivory tower architecture, en-route

This is an excerpt from my book that I am writing on Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft Teams.

Stay tuned! Learn about Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Development, and Cloud.

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