ChatGPT Enterprise is available today, Empowering Every Role, Ensuring Productivity and Privacy.

ChatGPT Enterprise - Saving Time, Boosting Productivity, and Powering Innovation.

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ChatGPT Enterprise is available today

OpenAI has introduced “ChatGPT Enterprise,” which is designed to offer a range of features tailored for businesses. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

ChatGPT Enterprise prioritizes data protection with top-tier privacy, security, and deployment tools. Users have full control over their business data, which OpenAI doesn’t use for training. The platform is SOC 2 compliant, encrypts all conversations, and features an admin console for easy team management, domain verification, and Single Sign-On. It also provides insights into usage, facilitating large-scale enterprise deployment.

Furthermore, ChatGPT Enterprise offers enhanced performance with faster GPT-4 access, longer input processing, and advanced data analysis tools. Users can analyze data swiftly, from financial research to marketing surveys. The platform also supports customization with shared chat templates and offers free API credits for those seeking a bespoke solution.

OpenAI is currently onboarding enterprises and encourages interested parties to learn more on their website and connect with their sales team to get started.

Starting today, OpenAI is thrilled to make ChatGPT Enterprise available to a broader range of businesses. This offering provides enterprise customers with:

ChatGPT Enterprise

What it includes

OpenAI is actively developing additional features for ChatGPT Enterprise, which will be released once they are finalized:

OpenAI is eager to share a more comprehensive plan for ChatGPT Enterprise’s future with potential customers. They value user feedback and will use it to further refine the platform. In the coming weeks, they aim to onboard as many enterprises as possible. For more information or to begin the onboarding process, interested parties are encouraged to visit OpenAI’s Enterprise and get in touch with their sales team.


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