Empower Innovation: A Guide to Citizen Development in Microsoft 365 Book
Democratizing App Development: The Microsoft 365 Way
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"Empower Innovation: A Guide to Citizen Development in Microsoft 365" offers a guide to harnessing the power of Microsoft's versatile platform for beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether you want to streamline business processes, develop robust applications, or stay updated with Microsoft 365's ever-evolving ecosystem, this book is your ultimate companion. Dive in to thrive in the digital age!

book This book covers:

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Ecosystem: Provides insights into the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform.
  • Cloud Computing and Citizen Development: Offers a succinct explanation of cloud computing, cloud services, deployment strategies, and the role of citizen development in bridging digital transformation gaps.
  • Microsoft 365 Services Overview: Delves into the diverse services of Microsoft 365, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, guiding readers on enhancing productivity and collaboration. Microsoft 365 Apps: Introduces design thinking, utilization of whiteboard templates, and productivity tools like Forms, Sway, Bookings, OneNote, and Planner.
  • Power Fx Introduction: Learn Excel-style low-code programming with Power Fx and understand its usage in Power Apps, Dataverse, and Powet Automate.
  • Adaptive Cards: Learn about different categories of cards, their integration with Microsoft Graph, and their application within Teams.
  • Power Apps and Dataverse: Understand canvas and model-driven apps, and explore the functionalities and limitations of Dataverse for Teams.
  • Security, Compliance, and Licensing: Gain foundational knowledge on Cloud Security 101, role-based security within Microsoft 365, shared responsibility, data sovereignty, and Microsoft 365 plans comparison.
  • AI Builder on Power Platform: Dive into prebuilt AI models and their practical applications for the Power Platform.
  • Generative AI and LLM-based Apps: Understand the nuances of Generative AI and LLMs, and explore third-party Power Platform connectors and emerging AI trends in citizen development.

This book guides professionals, students, and educators aiming to leverage Microsoft 365 for real-time hybrid workspaces and collaborative scenarios. It covers various topics from foundational to advanced, ensuring readers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to use Microsoft 365 tools and features proficiently.

The book delves into the software development ecosystem, highlighting Microsoft 365's Citizen development as an alternative low-code and no-code solution using Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. It provides a basic understanding of cloud computing and the role of Citizen Development, emphasizing its value in offering short-term IT solutions without replacing traditional IT. The reader is introduced to various Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

The book explores the collaborative features of SharePoint Online and OneDrive and delves into the low-code language Power Fx, Adaptive Cards, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Microsoft Dataverse while excluding topics on Power BI and Power Virtual Agents in this first edition. Security, compliance, and licensing within Microsoft 365 are addressed from a Citizen Development viewpoint, albeit not in-depth.   The book further introduces AI and Generative AI components of the Power Platform. Through Jane's experiences, a persona, readers gain insights into challenges faced during Microsoft 365 adoption, focusing on Citizen Development.

Also, targeted at IT admins and developers new to Microsoft 365, the book showcases practical scenarios for enhancing tech-savvy work efficiency and productivity but is not intended for advanced professionals already well-versed in the platform.

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