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The Google PALM API and Vertex AI API are tools that can be used to build generative AI applications. The PALM API is a RESTful API that provides access to Google’s Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2), a large language model (LLM) that can generate text and code in response to natural language prompts. The Vertex AI API is a managed ML platform that provides various services, including training, deploying, and managing ML models.

By using the PALM API and Vertex AI API together, developers can build generative AI applications that are powerful, scalable, and reliable. For example, developers could use the PALM API to generate text for a chatbot or create a new content generation tool. They could also use the Vertex AI API to deploy their models to production and scale them to handle large amounts of traffic.

The PALM API and Vertex AI API are still under development, but they offer a great opportunity for developers to build innovative generative AI applications.

Here are some specific examples of how the PALM API and Vertex AI API can be used to build generative AI applications:

The PALM API and Vertex AI API are powerful tools that can be used to build various generative AI applications. As these tools develop, they will become even more powerful and versatile.

Google has pioneered many of these transformations, offering tools and platforms for various text and media conversions. Google Translate (T2T), Google Speech-to-Text (A2T), and Google Text-to-Speech (T2A).

Google Bard is an AI experiment by Google, and Generalized Multimodal Intelligence Network (Gemini) is expected to be a game-changer. Gemini will be a highly advanced language model with capabilities that surpass even GPT-4. It may stand out for its ability to perform diverse and intricate tasks. Some of its notable capabilities may include:

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PaLM API and Google Cloud Vertex AI

Getting started

Text Generation

To get started on Text Generation in OpenAI, you can check out how to do this in OpenAI Python SDK, LangChain, and Semantic Kernel, and it covers using Azure OpenAI Service or OpenAI API. Also, you can use PaLM Python API, Google Cloud Vertex AI, and Meta LLaMA-2 for text generation.

More comprehensive demos are available on

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